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Welcome to the EUREKA Malware Analysis Internet Service:

Eureka is a binary static analysis preparation framework. It implements a novel binary unpacking strategy based on statistical  bigram analysis and coarse-grained execution tracing. Eureka incorporates advanced API deobfuscation capabilities to facilitate the structural analysis of the underlying malware logic.  For each uploaded binary, the Eureka service will attempt to unpack and (for Eureka I, disassemble; for Eureka II (not yet available), decompile) the binary, and will produce an annotated callgraph, subroutine/data index page, strings summary, and a list of embedded DNS entries.

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Development Team
:    Monirul Sharif (Georgia Tech),  Vinod Yegneswaran (SRI), 
                                      Hassen Saidi (SRI), Phillip Porras (SRI), Arvind Naryanan (UTexas Austin)

Acknowledgements:   Special thanks to Cliff Wang at Army Research Office (ARO) and Karl Levitt at the National Science Foundation for their sponsorship of this research.

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